Best Front Door Frame and Hinge Reinforcement For Home

Police-tested, Extremely Effective And Really Economical Door Reinforcement!

Why should you secure your doors?

  • In the USA, every 13 seconds a home intrusion takes place.
  • 2.5 million home intrusions occur each year.
  • About 85% of intruders enter a home through the front or back door.
  • Around 60% of burglars gain access to a home using a force.
  • Homes that do not have any security system are up to 300% more likely to be broken into.
  • The average dollar loss per burglary is $2,185. [1]

Why numbers are so bad? Because only 17% of the homes have some kind of a security system!

With statistics like these, it would be stupid not to protect your home and your family!

The really good news is that most burglars avoid houses or apartments if too much effort is required.

What better way to discourage housebreakers than with a door reinforcement kit that has earned police recommendation!

No matter what kind of front and back doors you have (including double, side light and sliding glass doors), you can make them unbreakable.

Watch this sensational video:

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Best Door Reinforcement For Jamb, Lock And Hinges

– Door Armor Combo Set (former EZ Armor)

This is the best reinforcement because it fully protects all weak points every door has – the jamb, the lock area and the hinges. The system, made of galvanized steel, is recommended by the police and other sources after conducting independent tests.

Max Combo Set is very easy to install (no need to remove trim or cut any nails) and anyone can do it in just half an hour – minimal tools, minimal skill needed. Once installed, you can hardly see it.

Other similar products only reinforce one weak point. This means that they are easy to kick in. These reinforcement devices protect all of them!

Recommended for effective security and jamb repair. Great for homeowners, renters and casual do-it-yourselfers.

After installing it, you will really feel that you added a ton of safety to your home!

Four options available:

door security devices

  • Door Armor MAX Plus Combo Set (1 jamb shield, 2 hinge shields, 2 door shields, 1 pry shield)
  • Door Armor MINI Plus Combo Set (1 jamb shield, 2 door shields, 1 pry shield)
  • Door Armor MAX Combo Set (1 jamb shield, 2 hinge shields, 2 door shields)
  • Door Armor MINI Combo Set (1 jamb shield, 2 door shields)

All sets comes with a lifetime warranty.

– Door Jamb Armor

This is the best protection against kick-ins! This set will turn any door into 100% secure door. It’s the most effective door security reinforcement hardware available right now.

Made of galvanized steel, its patented wrapping technology strongly fortifies the jamb, lock and hinges.

You can use it to repair a severely broken doorjamb or to reinforce an old or new door.

door reinforcement

A professional installer is needed for the installation (about 60 minutes) of this system because trim must be removed and a saw used.

Recommended for maximum security and extreme jamb repair. Great hardware for builders, contractors, and new builds.

Comes with lifetime warranty.

– Side Light Door Jamb

These doors are extremely difficult to secure but there is a great patent-pending reinforcement hardware that is unique on the market. Their pieces secure the door to the jamb and the jamb to the rough frame of the house.

There are three available options you can choose from depending on the type of side light door you have:

  • solution that fits doors with side lights on both sides of the door – click here to see
  • solution designed for doors with a single sidelight on the hinge side of the door – click here to see
  • application designed for doors with one sidelight on the lock side of the door – click here to see

entry door security hardware

– Double Doors

These doors are the most difficult to secure since there is no easy way to secure the center section and because there is no jamb.

Luckily, there are fantastic sets that provide total security. They reinforce the top and bottom of the door with ultra shields.

double door security

There is also a NightLock, which is a key component of double door protection. It is screwed into the floor and prevents the door from opening.

An additional level of protection is provided with devices for the hinges and door locks.

– Sliding Glass Doors

These doors are very easy to open and thieves know it! Some people try to secure them by putting a bar in the track. But all a thief has to do is lift the door out and open them.

sliding glass door security

Armor Latch is a simple yet super effective solution that prevents a break-in of your sliding door. The dual locking system prevents sliding glass doors from being lifted out of their track.

It can be installed on any size sliding glass door in about ten minutes, making your patio door unbreakable. They are barely visible after installation.

Find more about sliding glass door security!

Why Choose These Door Security Devices?

All these door reinforcement kits were designed by an engineer and are made out of galvanized steel and powder coated. Other similar products on the market are made of cold rolled steel that rusts over time.

The most important thing is that this hardware reinforces all weak points on a door. If just one point is not reinforced, the door can still be kicked in.

Without these reinforcement solutions, your door cannot withstand a few well-placed and strong kicks before splitting.

Door Jamb Armor and EZ Armor are the only products available that provide ultimate door security. In addition, Hinge Shields are patented. No other products can be compared to these.

The company that makes these devices, warranty that your door will not be kicked-in. You just need to install them properly. Other companies warranty against “jamb failure”. What does this mean? For them, failure is not when your deadbolt splits your door or your hinges get kicked in. What a joke!

If you need one more proof that these are the best products for securing your home door, you should know that they have been featured in the news many times. Here is just a small sample of media coverage:

More than 250,000 of these door reinforcement devices have been installed in apartments and homes in the United States and Canada.

It’s a sad truth but doors get kicked in every day. Costs of repairing/replacing doors can exceed $500. On the other hand, Door Armor MAX Combo Set costs just $79. So you will save $421. Buy now!

In other words, it will cost you more not to use these door reinforcement hardware!

Put an end to kick-ins with the maximum possible strength. You will instantly see that your door is much stronger and your home much safer.

One thing is for sure – this set  will prevent the unnecessary shock. It is a known fact that it’s not easy to renew the confidence of your home being safe, once a burglary takes place.

Let me say one thing that I am a bit reluctant to say, but if you read this article and don’t do anything to fix your door, it will be on your conscience, not mine.

My Thoughts on Armor Concepts Door Security Devices

My experience with this product can be summarized in one sentence:

I have never felt safer in my house!

There had been several break-ins in my area recently. With a wife and kids at home, I wanted to eliminate kick-ins as a way for burglars to gain access to my house. The Max Combo reinforcement kit gives me the piece of mind that if a criminal tries to break in, the front door would hold up.

People are really impressed with it. The person that walks my dog during the day came to my home just when I installed the hardware. That same day she ordered the reinforcement kit for her home.

Though these door security devices haven’t been put to their limits on my home, it’s obvious that the Armor Concepts products have tremendously strengthened my entry door. The products are exceptionally well made, high quality and enduring. At he same time they are visually appealing. I really like how my door looks now – very sturdy and secure.

Without trying to kick down the door to prove it works, this kit is fantastic. The idea is really outstanding. The cost is very affordable if it only stops a home burglary once! It’s surely a less expensive than buying a metal door frame.

I have spent a lot of time researching home security products. Several weeks actually. I have read countless articles, talked to other home owners and police. The door security devices I purchased from Armor Concepts meet or even exceed the recommendations I have received from folks I have spoken to. After reading about this reinforcement hardware and watching various videos demonstrating their efficacy, I feel very confident they will protect my family.

The hardware is very well made: thick and strong steel, no metal burrs and the finish does not chip.

This is the best home security solution. Nothing else even comes close. The hardware is easy to install, even for people with little experience. You can even use these devices on internal doors and safe rooms.

All new doors should come standard with these security devices in my opinion.

This product will deter all potential threats to never take place. If a thug tries to kick in your front door but can’t because of the Armor Concept hardware, your home and your family will stay secure.

From the online ordering process, really fast delivery, and installation of the kit, I could not be more happier.

Don’t fall for other imitators. Get the real thing. The product is tough as a tank!

Armor Concepts not only has an amazing product, but excellent customer service as well.

My brother purchased Door Armor Max Combo Set at the regular price. Several days later, it was on sale, so he asked if they would credit the difference since it was only a few days later. They provided the full credit. My brother was thrilled!

I will continue to recommend Armor Concept door security devices and hardware to anyone that will listen.

[1] FBI statistics