Best Home Security System

You made a smart decision to buy a home security system in 2017.

However, with all the ads and commercials, it’s possible that you don’t know where to begin.

I strongly recommend that you consider this system.

Review of Lorex LW720-84W

It comes with 8 channel 1080p DVR and 4 outdoor 720p wireless cameras with night vision.

Installation and setup is easy, almost too simple, very user friendly.

Best Home Security System 2017

If at any time you decide that you need more monitoring, you can add four additional security cameras.

A SignalGuard technology maintains a steady connection between the cameras and the DVR.


This technology also automatically resets the connection if the signal strength becomes weak or disconnects.

There is also built-in frequency hopping technology (FHSS) that minimizes interference from other wireless devices.

HD quality images are not just for wired cameras. The wireless security cameras in this system have an amazing 720p HD resolution.

Their frame rate is also very good – 25 frames per second. This ensures smooth on-screen movement, without missing a beat.

Another awesome feature is long-range night vision – up to 135 feet! High gain antennas provide up to 165ft indoor and 500ft daytime outdoor wireless range. Cameras are color during the day, and black-and-white when the night vision is on.


Day time sharpness is amazing; even night time IR is discernible. Night time camera even picks up the rain drops crossing in front – extraordinary!

These cameras are weatherproof – they can be safely used outdoors. They are completely protected against dust as well as torrential downpours. The cameras can endure harsh weather conditions – both extremely hot and cold climates.

LW720-84 camera

Although they are weatherproof rated, you should position the cameras in a sheltered location such as underneath an eaves. Under shelter, the camera lens will be protected against rain and snow, which can affect image clarity.

Using FLIR Cloud app, you can view live feeds or recorded footage from anywhere in the world! This app can also be used to send push notifications to your smart device when motion is triggered. FLIR cloud service is free, giving you remote cloud storage for your video footage.

flir cloud

It works with Apple Mac, iPad and iPhone, Windows PC and tablet as well as Anroid tablet and phone. The system works with any HDMI or VGA monitor.

Having the ability to remotely monitor your house is a superb feature!

The cameras do not work with a mobile hotspot, and they cannot be connected to the Internet directly. You need to connect the DVR to the Internet. You should at least have a 1Mbps upload/download internet speed.

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The security system does not need an internet connection to work. An internet connection is needed if you want to remotely view and control the cameras.

The system uses security certified hard drive that is engineered to be in constant use. The 2TB hard drive is reliable and efficient. It has low power consumption and cool operating temperatures, increasing reliability while working every hour of every day.

hard drive

These hard drives are not the standard HDDs found in standard personal computers. This hard drive can record and playback footage simultaneously!

The 2TB hard drive can store up to 10 days of recording for 4 cameras and 5 days for 8 cameras (24/7 recording).

There is an option to program your DVR to record only during specific time periods or when motion is detected. This way you can expand your recording time.

LW720-84 dvr

The zoom feature is part of the DVR. If you already have analog BNC cameras, they will work with the DVR.

The cameras are not battery powered but you must plug them in into an electrical outlet (the power cords to the cameras is about 6ft long).

Some people do not like this and they do not understand why is this if the system is wireless.

The “wireless” feature takes place between the camera and the receiver!

An uninterrupted supply of power is necessary for true surveillance and has many benefits when compared to battery-operated options.

Wireless security cameras constantly record so they need a constant power supply.

Wire-free cameras that use batteries have issues and need maintenance.

If such a camera is installed in a busy area, it will trigger the motion detection sensor often and drain the batteries quickly.

Infrared lights require power. For this reason, the night vision range on a wire-free camera is very limited.

You simply don’t want to worry whether or not your batteries still had power when you need your cameras most.

Still need more options? Take a look at these systems:


LW422-L1 security system

This security system is perfect for homes with detached buildings or garages because it is the combination of wired and wireless cameras.

It features 1080P DVR paired with two HD 720p wireless security cameras, and two 1080p HD wired cameras.

Most features are similar to the previous model, with a few variations.

For example, DVR can support up to 4 cameras, it uses 1TB hard drive, frame rate is 30 frames-per-second and has digital zoom in live view and playback.

The main difference are two wired cameras LBV2711B that produce industry leading 1080p (1920×1080) live viewing and recording. With this you can identify important details such as faces or license plate numbers.

They have night vision range up to 130ft in ambient lighting and 90ft in total darkness.

Wide 90° angle lenses deliver broad video coverage for monitoring large areas.

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