Best Way to Secure a Sliding Glass Door (Hardware)

So, what is the best way to secure your sliding glass door?

It’s called Armor Latch Sliding Door Deadbolt!

You can effectively protect you patio door with this product because of its dual locking system that prevents sliding glass doors from being lifted out of their track.

It can be installed in 10 minutes and mounts on any size door. Available in two colors: white and copper.

Best Way to Secure a Sliding Glass Door (Hardware)

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Here is how to install Armor Latch Sliding Door Deadbolt:

Additional tips for securing your sliding glass door:

I’m talking about sliding glass doors. Most of us have one but do we secure it all the time and do we know how to properly secure it. I’m going to several things here, so this is going to be a lot of advice in a short period of time.

1. Always lock the sliding glass door. If you have a screen, don’t leave the screen open, it gives the appearance that the house is unlocked. So make sure that you have the screen shut and the door shut with the door lock.

2. Always put a rod in the track down here so that if they are able to defeat the lock, they still cannot open the door. Now when it’s hot outside and you have a step open for ventilation, some people they crack the door a couple inches and the rod in the track would prevent any further opening. A criminal can actually lift up on the door, pull the door out of this track and push the door through. So to prevent that, take a two inch screw in a drill and open up a little farther, you have a door open for air about two inches so go about three inches in and drill the screw up, just enough where the door and close but if it’s lifted, it will come in contact with that screw, preventing it from being lifted out.

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Okay, so we’ve done all that. Now a criminal has only one option – break the glass. Now, if you have the money and you have the system, install a glass break sensor and wire it to your alarm system. But if you don’t have an alarm system and you don’t have the money, there’s an option – little window alarm.

I bought two of them for ten dollars. Did it online. It has a sticker on the inside and what it does is anytime there’s some impact the glass, it sets off a hundred decibel alarm which will scare somebody off or alert you if you’re inside that somebody’s tempering with your window. I put one on here already and I’ll activate it now to simulate attempting to break the glass.

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