Door Jamb Armor – Reinforcement That Stops Kick-ins

Door Jamb Armor helps prevent kick-ins in a way that is hard to believe!

This extraordinary reinforcement turns any door into a security door!

You can also use this incredible hardware to repair damaged jambs.

This product will reinforce all three weak points:

the jamb, hinges and the lock area of the door.

door jamb reinforcement

It is relatively easy to install if you have moderate handy skills. You do not even need to remove or alter your exterior door. Installation time is between 30 and 60 minutes.

There is simply no better door reinforcement device to buy!

Tens of thousands of Door Jamb Armor units have been installed and there was no product failure reported!

It has become the standard by which everything else is judged.

It is the only door security solution that is able to withstand a battering ram, as seen in the video above.

Have You Seen The Best Door Reinforcement Kit?

Many people have been skeptics that Door Jamb Armor is that strong, until they saw the test.

This product was designed by an engineer to be the best way to stop kick-ins!

If you properly installed it, the company who manufacture it, warranty that your door will not be kicked-in!

Your lock may break or someone can break your door in half using a device, but the security hardware will stay in place.

See this video:

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Door Jamb Armor is made of galvanized steel. In addition, it can withstand harsh weather because it is powder coated.

Another amazing thing is that you will barely notice the steel hardware, once it’s installed. It is available in white, aged bronze and satin nickel finishes to match your door.

door jamb armor

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