Real Front Door Kick In Protection

So you think your home is safe. You are living is a safe neighborhood. You have an alarm system. Deadbolts on your door. And of course you own a gun.

Well you might want to think again!

Because it take less than 10 seconds to kick in a door with a deadbolt and police response to an alarm is often more than 20 minutes!

Will you have enough time to reach your gun? What if your family is home alone?

Get real protection with Door Armor!


The easiest and most effective way to secure your home.

Door armor reinforces all of the key weak points on your door – the door jamb, the hinges and the locks.

If all of those points are not protected, your home is not secure!

Door armor is the most effective security solution on the market. That is why police recommend Door Armor to keep intruders out.

Crime is at an all-time high and is happening in your neighborhood.

You cannot afford false security. Protect your family now with Door Armor and renters tell your landlord to install Door Armor today.

A couple months ago I moved into a new house and everything was going great, then a little bit of crime started going on in our neighborhood with a couple of doors being kicked in and cars getting broken into.

So I decided to that I wanted to try and secure my home a little bit.

This Door Reinforcement Kit is Recommended by Police!

After shopping around a couple different security systems, looking at alarms and window breaks and everything like that, I just decided that that really wasn’t gonna do the trick since it’s going to take 20-30 minutes for the cops to even respond to the alarm and by that point all my stuff is already stolen and possibly I could be hurt.

So I started to look for some other options and came upon this and this is the Door Armor kit from Armor Concepts.

It’s actually a very simple system, it’s only four or five pieces and if you go look on their facebook page, they have videos testing it with battering rams, people trying to kick down the door and it’s really sturdy and there’s quite a few other videos of actually testing it but I’m not going to do that since I don’t want to wreck my door.

(Here is the video mentioned above:)

So I looked into getting this because I figured if I could make it impossible for people to get into my home, then I’m not going to need a more robust security system than I already have.

So here’s what we have.

Essentially what you have is just these easy little pieces – the long bar goes over the door frame, two pieces go over the deadbolt on the actual door itself and two pieces go over the hinges.

front door kick in protection

That’s all it is to it, the install is as simple as just screwing in, lining everything up correctly and that’s gonna do it.

Click the link to see more door reinforcement solutions.

Prevent door kick in

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