How To Prevent Break-ins

A house or apartment without a security system is two to three times more likely to be burglarized. However, most people decide to install some kind of a home security protection only after their home is broken into.

According to the FBI, burglary rates are rising every year.

Statistics show that there is a home break-in every 15 seconds across the United States.

That is really frightening for the homeowner that is trying to protect their family and their valuables.

Even more frightening is the fact home invasions takes place when the family is at home.

Homes that use this door jamb reinforcement kit can’t be broken into!

It is not uncommon that the burglars terrorize the family and steal their possessions.

So how to prevent break-ins?

Preventing break-ins

How a thief can enter a home? There are only two ways: through a front or back door or through a window. So one needs not to be a genius to understand that these entry points must be secured.

Since approximately 85% of intruders enter homes through the doors, it’s no brainer where you should focus most of your attention.

The most common way of breaking through the door is kick-ins. Many doors are very easy to kick in, even if a deadbolt is installed.

That’s because the lock area is reinforced with wood. When an intruder kicks at the lock, it rips straight through the wood.

The only way to prevent this from happening is to reinforce your door with a steel hardware. However, reinforcing only the lock area is not enough. Two other weak points – jamb and hinges – must be reinforced as well. Once this is done, your front door becomes virtually impervious to kick in attempts:

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You also need to reinforce your patio door if you have one. These doors do not have locks; they have latches. The problem is that a burglar can force latch open from the outside. Another problem is that a thief can lift the patio door off the track. To prevent these issues, there are some great solutions. How to secure exterior doors with sidelights.

There is one more thing you need to think about – reinforcing any glass near or in a door.

A window near a door is a main target for intruders. He could break the glass, reach in and unlock the door. There should be no windows within one foot of a door. If they are already there, or you have glass in or around your door, you need to use tempered safety glass. This glass is four times stronger than standard glass.

Preventing break-ins is not just about securing doors. It involves many things that you can do to protect your property.

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