Preventing Door Kick-ins With Tremendous Protection

So you want to know how to prevent burglars from entering your home!

It’s actually very easy to stop break-ins when you use the right solutions.

All you need to do is to install a special hardware.

And it’s affordable solution.

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Kick-ins – they happen all the time regardless of neighborhood.

Home doors get kicked in every day not just by intruders but also by domestic disputes, malicious vandals, or people just settling  a score.

Preventing Door Kick-ins With The Best Protection

With an average repair price of more than $500 each, the cost of broken house entry doors can really add up if you are managing apartments or multi dwelling units. And it can happen several times a month.

Plus, the risk of tenants leaving or filing law suits increases greatly if doors are left vulnerable to random attacks. (If you don’t do something, you could be found negligent!)

It’s much less expensive to armor your doors and prevent them from being kicked down in the first place. (Armored doors and windows prevent break-ins.)

But if you think the only security solution is a deadbolt, unattractive bars, metal strike plate ,or expensive steel door frames, we have some great news:

Introducing total door security from Armor Concepts – the most effective and economical solutions for securing and repairing your doors.

The jamb is almost always the first thing to break when a door is kicked. But if you only reinforce the jamb (the lock area is the next vulnerable point), which others will tell you is all it takes, and don’t reinforce the entire door, it can still be kicked-in. (And longer screws are not enough to protect your hinges.)

Best Door Reinforcement Kit

Door Security Devices That Will Make Your Door Unbreakable

Door Jamb Armor features wrapping technology that not only provides the best possible protection but it also allows you to quickly and cost-effectively repair even the most severely damaged jambs.

prevent break-ins

Unlike unsightly security doors, bars and multiple locks, Door Jamb Armor installs with a clean, finished appearance. (Barely visible and can be painted. Available in colors to match locks.)

When properties we were renovating kept getting the doors kicked-in, we looked for a permanent solution. (Necessity is the mother of invention.)

Unsatisfied with what we found on the market, we tackled the problem ourselves. (Designed and tested by engineers – not handymen.)

After a year of thorough testing, we came up with a solution that we could not break. (We know what works… and what does not!)

We didn’t set out to create a product, we just wanted people to stop kick-in in our doors. But than words spread, demand grew and the rest is history. (Installed in more than 3,000 complexes with no failures.)

The key to our success is simple – we believe in creating real security and repair solutions that actually work. And we are always listening to our customers. (No one knows more about securing doors and windows.)

That’s why we offer full range of solutions to fit every budget and situation.

Door Armor is best for customers who want total security with fast, easy installation (an easier solution for retrofit applications), while Fix-A-Jamb is the industry’s most affordable repair solution (multiple solutions to fit different protection requirements, budgets and installer skill levels), and for effective sliding door security, there is Armor Latch.

“The Door Jamb Armor held up to its name and claims, and the shoe marks on the doors were all the evidence we needed! We are installing it on all of our vacant units. It also gives residents peace of mind after they move in. This amazing product makes my job EASIER!”, property manager, Dayton, OH.

Armor Concepts, real security solution that works for every budget. Do not be misled by cheap imitations. Ask for our solutions by name.

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