How To Reinforce An Entry Door

Today you gonna find out how to make your entry door burglar-proof.

You may ask why is this necessary to do. The thing is that anybody can kick open most doors and enter your house or apartment and take your valuables and small stuff, such as laptop or iPad.

And it can be done in less than 5 minutes.

And there is no way the police can act that fast.

Homes that use this door jamb reinforcement kit can’t be broken into!

That’s why you must reinforce your front door and feel a lot safer about your home.

First you need the Easy Armor door reinforcement kit.

door security devices

It comes at three different kinds of shields along with all the screws that you need to make your door impenetrable and really tough for even the strongest kick-ins. You get:

– Two door shields – one for the dead bolt and one for the lock.

– Two hinge shields that go over top your hinges.

– The final and the most important thing is the jam shield. It has all sorts of knockouts in it sou you can line it up with your jam and the straight plates on your jam.

So here is how to install these door security solutions:

Prevent door kick in

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