How to Secure a Door From Being Kicked In

Doors that can’t be kicked in?

Yes, it’s possible to burglar-proof front door!

Thousands of people already did this. To be exact, more than 400,000.

Still do not believe me?

OK, watch this video and see for yourself:

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How these spectacular results are achieved? And most importantly, how you can do the same for your home?

It’s actually very simple – you need to install this door reinforcement kit.

How to Secure a Door From Being Kicked In

This combo kit reinforces all weak points on the door – jamb, lock area and hinges. If all of those points are not secured, your door is not secure from being kicked in by burglars.

Why isn’t everybody talking about this door reinforcement kit? I mean 85% of burglaries are committed through an entry door. Why isn’t everybody talking about this really effective solution?

A bar can only secure lock area, while the frame and hinges can still be damaged by a strong foot kick. It is no use installing a bar or deadbolt if a door can be torn down in a few kicks.

So ask yourself if the doors around your house are kick proof.

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How to Secure a Door From Being Kicked In

The existing wooden frame should be replaced with Door Armor Jamb Shield made of galvanized steel (and long screws) that is extremely hard to break down. It’s not just very strong metal but it has much better resistance to rusting.

Weak door hinges are unable to withstand a kick-in. Reinforce them with Door Armor Hinge Shields. They are installed over the existing hinges so there is not need to alter or remove your door for installation.

The Mini Door Shields are crucial for making sure that the door will not split when kicked. They are installed in less than 5 minutes and do not require removal of the locks.

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You can use a home security system or have a watch dog patrolling your house, but these measures are not enough to give you a safe place to retreat at the end of the day.

Doors are the most vulnerable access points in any home. For this reason, reinforcing them is critical for beefing up home security.

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