How to Secure Front Door

Forced entry happens every 15 seconds in the U.S. This fact has forced many people to do something to protect their property. Securing entrance doors – single, double, with sidelights – is the most important thing.

Unfortunately, the majority of people usually star to think about exterior door security after a break-in.

In most cases, burglars enter a house or apartment with door kick-ins (window is the second most used entry point).

Homes that use this door jamb reinforcement kit can’t be broken into!

They can easily do this because three key points all doors have are not secured: jamb, hinges and lock area. Securing only locks is meaningless when the frame or hinges are weak.

But when you reinforce them with the best hardware on the market, you get these results:

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With these devices, you can secure houses, flats, shops and offices to prevent robbery and have peace of mind. They can be installed on different types of doors such as wood, glass, metal or plastic. These solutions are a one-time cost, but they provide the best protection against burglaries.

how to secure front door

There is no chance anybody could kick your door open with this kit installed. The only way a thief will be able to break in is if you have cheap fiber board door – they would split open after a heavy kick. But there is no way the door jamb would split though. So for complete protection, you need solid core wooden or metal door.

Some people think that by installing a camera or an alarm system their job of securing a property is done. These items can’t stop a masked thief. And by the time the police responds, burglar is already gone with your valuables in his pockets.

With more than 2.5 million break-ins per year in the United States, more and more individuals are  learning how to secure their front door so they can feel safe again. This kick proof door security kit is just what they need, including you.

Home invasion can be extremely bad as shown in this video:

Don’t let this happen to you or your family. Prevent awful things with this door reinforcement hardware.

Prevent door kick in

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