Installing The Best Door Reinforcement Hardware

We are here today with EZArmor combo kit. This kit runs for $79.

It is a novice level installation project that offers platinum level protection.

It reinforces the three weakest points of the door, which are the jamb, hinge and the lock.

It requires power drill for installing. If you do not want to screw up your front door, you will need a pro to help you.

The first step is to install the door shield. There are two that come with the kit. You put one where you deadbolt is, one down on the bottom lock.

It’s the easiest part to install because most doors are hollow and it just requires one screw on the top and one screw on the bottom.

Once the shield is installed, it may not fit flush enough to the door for the door to be able to close. You may need to use a soft mallet to hammer it in so the door can close and lock.

Best Door Reinforcement Kit

The next step is to install the hinge shield.

Before you do that, you have to remove two of the screws from each of your hinges and drill pilot holes.

Once you have the hinge shield in place, you gonna drill two pilot holes for your next set of screws.

Now that you have this one hinge shield installed, you are going to do the same thing to the bottom hinge.

Now that you have hinge shield installed, you need to install the door shield.

There is a little bit of prep work that needs to take place before the door shield can be installed.

The first in which is removing a little metal piece in the door frame.

With the door shield in place and metal holes punched out, you need a sharp pencil and just mark everywhere that you need a pilot hole to go.

After the door shield is installed, the next step is just to see if the door shuts. If it does not quite fit, take the soft mallet hammer again and adjust it to make it more flush to the door.

It will be a little tighter than it was before but that’s to be expected.

In total installation takes about 20 minutes and is easier than most people think. All you need are a power drill and perhaps a soft hammer.

There is no additional work to do beyond drilling. If you can use a drill, you can install Door Armor.

Installing The Best Door Reinforcement Hardware

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