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Statistics are really bad for the U.S. – there is a burglary being committed in this country approximately every 15 seconds.

That’s about 2 million burglaries each year!

According to numerous insurance studies, theft claims increase considerably over the holiday season – as much as 50%.

This is also confirmed by the FBI uniform crime reports – a spike in crimes around the holiday season is more than obvious.

home burglary

When you read things like these, it makes perfect sense to do everything you can to prevent it from happening to your home.

The problem is that experiencing your house being broken into is a very disturbing event. It is no just about losing material stuff (have you insured them?), it leaves you and your family feeling violated, scared, unsafe and powerless.

You can always buy new items but replacing your sense of safety and security can be a very difficult and long process. Life is never truly the same after your home has been invaded by burglars.

Homes that use this door jamb reinforcement kit can’t be broken into!

The good news is that there are some things you can do to protect your home.

They are divided into two categories: how to make your home burglar-proof and how not to “invite” burglars into your house.

The first category includes some tips that are obvious, but unfortunately they are too often neglected by homeowners.

Never leave your doors and windows unlocked. This also applies to your second story windows. A very good idea is to use reinforced locks and striker plates.

Try not to use exterior doors with windows. Have solid doors, not hollow ones. Sliding glass doors are not a good option. If you do own them, then support them against the frame so that it is impossible to open them from the outside.

Install a few 3-inch screws along the frame and doorstop to secure your door frames to the walls.

A very good idea is to reinforce your entrance door with security hardware.

Always use a cover for peep hole on your door. This is necessary because there is the reverse peep hole viewer, which lets thieves to see into your home!

These are the tips from the first category. Now for the second category.

Do not post travel plans on any social networks. Yes, burglars are using social media to help them in their criminal activities.

Do not share pictures while you are still on vacation. Wait until you are back home. If you do, it is a clue you aren’t home!

Avoid posting pictures of expensive items online. If you do, you are advertising them to criminals.

Dogs are a great deterrent. Even small ones that bark a lot are good . If you don’t want to have a dog, you can place “Beware of Dog” sign in front of your house.

Have your mail/newspaper delivery suspended. Or you can ask someone to pick them up while you are away.

Ask your police department to check on your house while you are gone.

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