Best Hardware to Reinforce Front Door

Home security is for everybody. Every home owner should take it seriously. Why?

Because a burglar will attempt (or has attempted) to break into your home.

According to statistics in the US, it will take place in the next several years and almost certainly within a decade.

When a force entry occurs, you can only pray that the thief only wants your money, jewelry and small electronics and not hurting you or your loved ones.

Did you know that more than 2 million home burglaries are committed each year in the United States?

The majority of burglars take items that they can easily carry with them such as laptops, digital cameras, TVs or firearms.


About 85% of thieves are unskilled criminals who are desperate and ready to escalate the level of violence if meet resistance. Because of this, one out of every three attacks are caused by an intruder-homeowner encounter.

Almost all break-ins are accomplished through the front or back door. In the majority of cases, forced entry is done by 1-2 kicks to the door. Why is this?

Most criminals are not smart. They want to commit simple crimes, and, if surprised, they want an easy exit (squeezing out a window is not).

You may think that you can use a weapon for self-defense. This is true, but the problem is that many bad things can happen when confronting a criminal in your home. If you really use a weapon and you wound or kill an intruder, you have to deal with the police and possibly face criminal charges.

So what is the best way for preventing a forced burglary?

Making sure that the burglar never enters your home!

In other words, you need to improve the security of the front door.

What does not work? Weak doors, insubstantial locks and poor materials that can easily be defeated by a strong kick that damages the door, the lock or the frame.

What does work? Reinforced doors with protected locks, hinges and frames. Only Armor Concepts reinforces these three weak points. If they are not reinforced, your door is not secure.

Armor Concepts’ door armor is designed to prevent kick-ins!

This door reinforcement kit was invented by en engineer to stop doors from being kicked in!

These proven door security devices are installed in numerous apartments and homes in the United States and Canada, protecting homeowners and renters.

The company provides various options so that the homeowner can choose what works best for their individual needs.

Hardware to Reinforce Front Door

These security solutions were thoroughly tested before being brought to market – lots of doors were broken in testing. That’s why they know that what you install will work.

The products are astonishingly simple, with predrilled steel parts that can be installed in half an hour. They can also be used to repair the damage from previous kick-ins.

Do not wait for a crime to take place to make your home more secure!

Why go through the consequences of a burglary that could range from a loss of material possessions to the assault of a family member?

Prevent it from happening with a few bucks and an afternoon with a toolbox!

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