Replace Exterior Door Jamb – Replacement That Makes Door Secure

If you need to replace your old or damaged exterior door jamb, you should do it with the best replacement hardware on the market.

FIX-A-JAMB is a fast, easy and cheap solution for you!

This the best and easiest way to permanently replace or repair broken door frame.

The product is made of extremely durable powder-coated steel that can be painted.

door jamb replacement

FIX-A-JAMB is the replacement that also provides reinforcement that will make your door more secure!

door frame replacement

See how easy it is to install it:

But if you really want to keep intruders from breaking into your home, you should get Door Jamb Armor. This system protects all three weak points of any door: the frame, hinges and the lock area.

Home invaders know very well that one to three kicks (in about 30 seconds) is all it takes to break through the average residential doors.

Best Door Reinforcement Kit

This is the reason why most thieves perform a kick door burglary to gain access in about 50% of home burglaries.

When you replace your regular door frame with FIX-A-JAMB, you are getting silver protection.

But when the replacement is done with Door Jamb Armor, you are getting platinum protection level.

The difference in price is not that big, but with the Door Jamb Armor you getting maximum security – the most effective protection against kick-ins!

See how secured your front door can be:

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How to secure a door from being kicked in

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