Sliding Glass Door Security

Houses with sliding glass doors are usually more vulnerable to attacks from intruders.

These doors give a special appeal to the eye, but ensuring the security of these glass sliding doors is a big issue.

Until now…

Armor Latch is a super effective way to reinforce your patio door and prevent a break-in.

Available at a very affordable price, Armor Latch can be installed in about 10 minutes!

Sliding Glass Door Security

How this system protects your home?

Thieves know very well how easy it is to open a sliding door.

Most people wrongly believe that putting a bar or dowel in the track is enough to make them more secure. However, this doesn’t prevent the door from being lifted!

Armor Latch deadbolt is dual locking system that prevents sliding glass doors from being lifted out of their track.

Patio Door Security

This lock works just as advertised. It’s easy to install, relatively unobtrusive, easy to operate and extremely secure.

It is a universal solution and is meant to work with well known sliding door materials.

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Another form of patio door security is found in the glass. You can improve it by replacing single glazed glass with polycarbonate or wire-embedded glass.

What about when burglar does come right through the glass?

Best Door Reinforcement Kit

Hard to stop but you certainly want to know that it happened. That’s where having a monitor alarm system comes in really handy.

There are a couple of technologies that will allow you to know if something happens to sliding glass door.

The first way of determining if someone has come through your sliding glass door is with simple wireless door contact that mounts on the frame and the door.

When the two pieces are separated it sends a signal to the alarm control unit so that the police can be notified.

Another type of technology and this is specifically if the glass is broken, is called a glass break detector.

These are mounted above the door; we are looking at door from the other side of the room. If in fact you have a sliding glass door and you will it’s vulnerable, a combination of door sensor and a glass break detector, will give you protection in the case the burglar comes in either way.

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