Ultimate Home Door Security Solution

It only takes a matter of seconds for a burglar to kick in your door and now have full access to your home.

In fact, breaking in through a door is one of the number one ways burglars get access to homes, like this guy captured on victim’s home surveillance system.

The problem, it really only takes a little amount of force to break down a door.

A lot of times we will find out if we pull the screws out of the deadbolt that’s the same link screws in the deadbolt, so you are not even getting the deadbolt to hold your door secure. You are getting two screws this size to hold your door secure.

Jarrod Galloway co-owns a company called Home Security Solutions and they sell new product that makes it nearly impossible to shoulder in – my shoulder hurts, the door didn’t give in, so we are still good with that, kick in – still nothing, or even sledge hammer your way into a home – door still holding.

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They are very affordable, the kit retails $75.

It’s called Easy Armor.

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It basically replaces the hinges and puts on a bigger plate to reinforce where the deadbolt on the door is located.

The difference is this: a strike plate, even with a deadbolt is only about two inches wide.

The Easy Armor door is actually 36 inches so it allows the deadbolt, the door frame and other parts of the door to take a much larger amount of force.

Best Door Reinforcement Kit

And we put it to the test. As we showed you earlier, with no Easy Armor, a swift reverse kick smashes the door in. But with Easy Armor, even a sledge hammer cannot break through.

In the next video you will find out how an elderly Tennessee couple outfoxed a career criminal using the same door security hardware.

Once it’s on, your door is basically a steel frame door and there is really almost no way that it is gonna get kicked in.

When it actually works and does everything it says it does, and does everything that is supposed to do, it just makes you feel really good.

What is interesting is that the couple has started a trend in their neighborhood. After several burglaries in the area, many people are planning to make similar safety improvements to their homes.

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