Best Door Reinforcement Kit 2023 (Tested Thousands of Times)

Use the best door reinforcement kit that you can buy to protect your home or business from burglars.

This kit is the state-of-the-art product that offers the best home protection value per dollar.

There are very little similar products on the market.

And they are not as effective as this door reinforcement kit is.

Once these door security hardware items are installed, your front door will be like this (no more break-ins):

Use one of the following door reinforcement kits for every type of doors (more than 400,000 doors are secured with these products) to  ensure your family’s safety and peace of mind. Affordable price for every item.

Door Armor MAX Combo Set

Best Door Reinforcement Kit - Door Armor MAX Combo Set

It is only for standard doors without sidelights and not double doors. Independent tests show that it is the only product that can stand up to a battering ram.

This security kit includes pieces to reinforce the frame, hinge and lock:

  • 1 jamb shield
  • 2 mini door shields
  • 2 hinge shields

This set has $500 lifetime warranty against kick-ins.

Jamb Shield

It’s 46″ long with knock-out holes for locks spaced from 4.5″ to 21.5″ apart. The piece provides extreme strength to the weakest part of the door- the jamb.

In most cases, the door jamb is the first that gives out when an intruder kicks a door. This is because a huge amount of pressure is putted on a small area of the jamb when the entry door is kicked.

The galvanized steel shield wraps the existing jamb and is attached to the stud behind your door jamb with eight screws.

It is important to keep in mind that unlike other reinforcement products that only go on the outside of existing jamb, this shield wraps the entire frame, preventing splitting and distributing strike force to the stud. In other words, both the Jamb Shield and the stud absorb the force from an attacker.

Door Shield

The purpose of this product is to prevent wood or hollow metal doors from splitting or bending when kicked.

You should never install the Door Shield without the Jamb Shield because, as previously stated, jambs are the first to be destroyed. Unless, of course, you have a metal door frame.

The Door Shield wraps the second most vulnerable part of the door. With this strong piece of metal, it is much harder for the bolt of the deadbolt to get pushed through the door.

As a result, the entry door can withstand much more physical force.

Great thing is that the locks do not have to be removed for installation.

Hinge Shield

This item protects the third main weak point of a standard door when physically attacked, the hinges.

L-shaped pieces can be installed over the existing hinges that do not have to be removed for installation.

It wraps around the jamb on the hinge side of the door so that the wood around the hinges do not split.

MAX Combo Set comes in three finishes: white, satin nickel and aged bronze.

There is also Door Armor MINI Combo Set. It comes with 1 Jamb Shield and 2 Mini Door Shields. This set is backed by a $300 lifetime warranty against kick-ins.

Double Door Reinforcement Kit

Double Doors Reinforcement Kit

Double doors are very difficult to secure because there is no easy way to secure the center part of them. In other words, since there is no door jamb, there is no strength at the center of the door.

Luckily, this security system is capable of securing double doors in a unique way by reinforcing the top and the bottom of the doors along with the locks and the hinges.

This set includes 1 Jamb Shield, 2 Mini Door Shields, 4 Door Hinge Shields and a Night Lock.

The Jamb Shield, made of 16-gauge galvanized steel, is installed at the top of the door providing added reinforcement. A Night Lock is used to secure the bottom of the door. You can easily slip the Night Lock into place at night at the bottom of the double doors.

The Night Lock has a base plate that is screwed into the floor in front of the door. Then you slip the body of the lock into place.

This powerful combination makes double doors much stronger than usual and much more resistant to kick-ins.

In addition, the door and hinge shields prevent the door from splitting at the weak points. They do not require removing the locks to install.

Sidelight Door Reinforcement Kit

Home doors with side lights are extremely difficult to secure. The main reason for this is that there is no stud that provides strength and adds anchor points for reinforcement products.

Because there are three possible situations with these types of door, this security kit comes in three different varieties:

– for doors with side lights on both sides of the door

sidelights door security

– for doors with a single sidelight on the hinge side of the door

front sidelights door security

– for entry doors with a single sidelight on the lock side of the door

Sidelight Door Reinforcement

Each kit consists of 1 Jamb Shield, two Mini Door Shields,and two Hinge Shields, but the design of each varies depending on the application.


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