Best Entry Door Reinforcer Reviews

The Door Armor MAX system is the first line of security for your home.

You might as well just leave the front door open without it.

A door is used in 85 percent of burglaries. An intruder can kick through your door and access your home in less than 10 seconds.

Your home security system does not deter attackers from breaking in; rather, it notifies you of the break-in.

Door Armor has undergone extensive testing and comes highly recommended by law enforcement. It has already been used to safeguard over 250,000 doors throughout the world since it is simple to install and effective.

Best Entry Door Reinforcer

Here is what 8 customers said about the best entry door reinforcer:


After purchasing a home with a back entrance that leads right into one of the bedrooms, I decided to acquire this product.

Because the back of the house is somewhat out of sight for someone to easily kick in, I wanted to reinforce the door frame for piece of mind that it could not be kicked in.

This product has exceeded my expectations. The metal is heavy and thick. It was good to have the option of several color finishes so that I could match the color of the door.

Even if the color didn’t merge perfectly, it doesn’t stick out much once it’s placed.

It was relatively simple to set up. It took around 30 minutes to complete the installation at a leisurely speed.

The items arrived in a long box that was well-wrapped in cushioning and plastic, so much so that they could have been tossed around in a delivery truck and the metal bits would have been unharmed.

Overall, I am pleased with my purchase and would recommend it at this price point. According to my prior web research, it is around $20 to $40 less priced than most other comparable products.

After completing the installation and inspection, I am convinced that it significantly improved the door’s security and robustness. In the future, I will purchase more for other entryways.



Shipped quickly, were simple to install, and greatly improved the strength of our doors. My wife and I both feel safer. The price is readily justified by the added security.

I saw these on YouTube and felt they could be worth investing in because my parents’ front door was kicked in and they were robbed of all their goods many years ago.

I had it installed by my handyman, but it’s so simple that I could have done it myself. It’s just a little extra peace of mind. Hopefully, I’ll never have to evaluate how well they performed!

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This is an absolute requirement. It was simple to install, took me 15 minutes, and is barely noticeable. They’re both mounted on the front and back doors, which are the principal points of access.

I quickly locked the door with the dead bolts and kicked at the doorknob, but it wouldn’t budge. I had my 20-year-old son and I both kick on the door, and it wouldn’t budge an inch.

Great product that arrived on schedule and undamaged. All in all, we’re pleased, and the doors are well-secured. In my opinion, this is a must-have entry door reinforcer for every home.



I’ve spent a significant amount of time researching door security products. This is, without a doubt, the best. The primary idea is to reinforce your current hardware. With door armor on my door, I know no one will be able to break into my house – at least not through the front door!


Because I lack the knowledge and tools to accomplish it myself, I had a handyman install it for me. They were simple to install, and the doors (I had two installed) both shut smoothly.

I have no problems with the doors not aligning or closing properly. I have smart deadbolts on both doors, and they lock smoothly without requiring me to press on the doors to align them for the bolt to pass through.

You can tell this is a high-quality, long-lasting product. Even the handyman, who also happens to be a general contractor, stated that no one would be able to kick the door open.

That’s exactly what I need as a single woman living alone.



I opted to fortify one of my home’s many weak points, the front entrance. To make sure everything would function, I used the two-quarter rule. Perfect.

I purchased the five-piece security kit and began putting it together. It’s quite simple to set up. My house is now fortified like a fortress.

This product comes highly recommended from me. Don’t be hesitant to get this. The quality is excellent. This installation went off without a hitch.

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This took about 10 minutes to put up, and it’s fantastic to have an added layer of security on that entryway. I’ll probably acquire another pair because I have another exterior door.

When the door is closed, you can barely see it. The brackets that attach to the door are the most apparent element.

However, the weather stripping mostly conceals them from the exterior. When I held them up to show my wife what they looked like, she remarked, “Oh that’s good.”

Wife approval, added security, and ease of installation equals a winner.



My family’s home was looted multiple times as I grew up. It was exhausting. As a result, I relocated to a low-crime region.

But I still want to do something to protect myself from one of the most typical methods of robbery: someone kicking in the door and dash through it.

This entry door reinforcer allows me to do so in a straightforward and low-profile manner. I can’t say if it works because I’m not about to try to break down my door, but installation was simple for me, and my abilities aren’t particularly advanced.

This appears to be well-designed for a range of door configurations. I have an alarm system and a few security cameras, but this strong, inexpensive equipment gives me cause to believe that the most obvious route to break into my house – the front door – has been reinforced.

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