Best Double Door Security Hardware

Here you will learn about the best hardware for double door security.

Home double doors can be very difficult to secure because of how they close.

There is no a door frame that is set into a wall! Instead, two parts must come together and lock with one another.

However, when you use this special, extremely effective hardware, you can keep double doors firmly together without any problems.

Best Double Door Security Hardware

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This system, made of galvanized steel,  secures of  the top and bottom of the door along with the door locks and the hinges.

Available sets:

  • Door Armor Double Door White Set with Brass Night Lock
  • Door Armor Double Door White Set with Aged Bronze Night Lock
  • Door Armor Double Door White Set with Nickel Night Lock
  • Door Armor Double Door Aged Bronze Set
  • Door Armor Double Door Satin Nickel Set

Every set includes these types of hardware:

Door jamb shield – it attaches to the lock side of the door jamb.


Two mini door shields – they make sure that your door will not split when kicked.


Four door hinge shields – L-Shaped pieces that you install over the existing hinges, no need to remove your door for installation.


A night lock screws into the floor (in the center) to prevent the door from opening.


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Armor Concepts products have been tested by third parties for durability.

Many security companies provide good service if you need to scare intruders out of your home. But what you really need is that the intruders never actually enter your home.

Many people don’t realize the average police response time to a home alarm is more than 20 minutes. This set stops an intruder from ever entering your home. This combination of reinforcements stops intruders trying to kick-in or push through your front door by force.

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