BEST Front Door Security Products

Why would you need these front door security products?

Because almost 60% of all burglaries are committed by use of force!

Because 85% of those forced entries are through a door!

Because in 33% of burglaries, intruders choose the front door to enter a home!

Because your door can be kicked in less than 10 seconds!

All these facts should tell you that you need to secure your entry doors.

Using a home security system will prevent some potential intruders from trying to enter your home, but you need to make sure that more persistent thieves are not able to enter your property in the first place.

For this, you need products that reinforce your entry door. Unfortunately, these are among the most neglected security products on the market.

One of the best products is Door Armor. They recently launched a new and improved kit. It’s much easier to install and more secure.

The installation process takes about 20 minutes and you just need a power drill and a soft hammer (to tap the door shield to make it flush enough so that the door can shut).

Why is this the ultimate door security?

Door Armor reinforces the weak points of a door: the jamb, lock area, and hinges.

When you install the combo kit, you are getting the highest level of protection – Platinum.

Front Door Security Products

This means that the company carried out multiple tests of the kit and that it was subjected to independent validation.

In the past, Platinum level of protection needed to be professional installed but the new kit was updated and it can now be installed without difficulties.

This Door Reinforcement Kit Makes Your Door Burglar-Proof!

Another very important thing is that the kit pieces are made of galvanized, 16 gauge steel with a powder coat. This not only makes the product more secure but it is also protected from rusting, unlike door security products made of cold rolled steel.

What fascinated me the most (and many other people) is that these products have been independently tested by several news channels as well as by police.

Watch this video showing people, including a police officer, trying to kick-in doors reinforced by Door Armor:

The people at Armor Concepts are so confident that their products work so well that they offer an incredible warranty. Read it here.

I highly recommend that you buy a Door Armor MAX Combo Set. You will sleep better knowing that your front door is reinforced in the best way possible.

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