Securing Exterior Doors With Sidelights

Providing security for the front entry doors with sidelights was very difficult!

This is because there is no stud to anchor the jamb and hinge shields.

That was a huge problem until a great company from Nashville invented the only side light door security solution on the market.

This reinforcement hardware consists of several pieces to secure the door to the jamb and the jamb to the frame of the house.

There are three options you can choose depending on the type of sidelights door you have:

Double Side Light Reinforcement Kit

For doors with side lights on both sides of the door.


Hinge Side Light Reinforcement Kit

Designed for doors with a single sidelight on the hinge side of the door.


Lock Side Light Reinforcement Kit

Made for doors with one sidelight on the lock side of the door.


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Do not trust those companies saying that you can secure side light doors the same way as a single entry door. They either do not care or have no idea what they are talking about.

Home security is a serious thing and these kits provide the proper level of safety that you require.

Many people come home each day hoping to rest safe without the interruption of an intruder. Statistics show that 67% of the time burglars select the door as the point of entrance.

This means that having front door security is vital. You can achieve that level of security with these systems for exterior doors with sidelights.

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