Why Home Security Should Start With Doors?

Choosing the right hardware and taking a few extra steps can help you deter or even prevent burglary at your home.

You have to start with solid doors, door frames and locks, especially exterior doors.

First, make sure they are all made of solid wood or metal and fit snugly together.

The locks on all exterior doors should be NC grade 1, the highest grade possible.

Most contractors install NC grade 3 locks since they are usually cheaper, but they do not hold up as well to intruders.

home security starts with doors

The ANSI grade should be printed on the package when you buy your locks, with grade 1 being the best.

Something as simple as longer screws and stronger door hinges to support the door can make it even tougher to kick in.

A galvanized steel door jamb reinforcer can also be used to strengthen key strike points around the hinges, door jambs and locks.

Finally securing patio doors presents other challenges.

The latch on most can be easily pried open by burglars, so placing a stick or even better a charlie bar into the track can keep them from sliding the door open.

Unfortunately, older sliding glass doors can be lifted up of their track. To prevent this, installing anti lift device, such as a pin which extends through both the sliding and fixed portion of the door.

The most important thing is to keep your home locked up.

Remember that the harder you make it to get in, the more likely a burglar will be to give up and move on.

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