Sensational Entry Door Reinforcement For Home/Apartment

Every 12 seconds a home or apartment is broken into.

85% of the break-ins are through a door.

Is your home safe with a deadbolt or an expensive alarm system?


Get real protection with EZ Armor.

The easiest and most reliable way to stop intruders before they get in.

You will sleep like a bear after your door is reinforced! Watch this video:


EZ Armors reinforces all the weak points of your door – jamb, hinges and the locks. If all these points are not reinforced, your door is not secured.

ez armor door security

EZ Armor is the most effective door security hardware on the market – (installs in less than 30 minutes.) Beware of cheap imitations!

With EZ Armor your door stands strong against even the hardest blows. (Installed in thousands of apartments and countless homes.) That’s why EZ Armor is recommended to help prevent break-ins by both insurance companies and law enforcement.

Police officer: “The reality is that alarm systems don’t work until after the thieves are already broken-in. (Police response often greater than 20 minutes!) And intruders are usually in and out in five minutes. We just can’t get there that fast.”

Once EZ Armor is installed, you’ll never have to worry about arming it.

A woman: “I really thought that we were safe and secure. We had an alarm system but we were so victims.”

Please don’t wait for this to happen to you but if it does EZ Armor will not only repair the damage but most importantly, once installed, they wont get in again!

See Burglar Proof Door:

EZ Armor helps stop intruders and alarm does not! Buy now!

For a fraction of the cost, get the kind of security that works before intruders get inside.

Order EZ Armor for only $69 and check out our entire family of home security solutions.

We have something that fit every door and budget.

Your home is your castle, protect it with EZ Armor. It saves time, saves money and just may save your life.

Renters, be sure to ask your landlord to install EZ Armor on your door today. Order now!

ez armor combo set

So you think your home is safe. You live in a safe neighborhood, you have an alarm system, deadbolts on your door and, of course, you own a gun.

Well, you might want to think again because it takes less than 10 seconds to kick in a door with a deadbolt. And police response to an alarm is often more than 20 minutes.

Will you have enough time to reach your gun? What if your family is home alone?

Get real protection with EZ Armor! The easiest and most effective way to secure your home.

Best Door Reinforcement Kit

EZ Armor reinforces all of the key weak points on your door – the door jamb, hinges and the locks. If all those points are not protected, your home is not secure.

EZ Armor is the most effective security solution on the market. That is why police recommend EZ Armor to keep intruders out.

Crime is at all time high and it’s happening in your neighborhood.

You cannot afford false security. Protect your family now with EZ Armor. Order now!

Unpacking EZ Armor Combo Kit

So you get two door shields, two hinge shields, one jamb shield, and a bag with instructions and screws. Depending on your order, your kit can come white, satin nickel or aged bronze.

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