How to Prevent Burglars From Kicking In Your Front Door

Police say thieves are taking alternate routes to grab what belongs to you but prevention is fairly simple.

Here are some options homeowners can take for some added security.

Most homes have dead bolts that keep your home safe. Now the average home has door jams but in situations like this, a deadbolt and door jams are only as strong as the protection it is.

Just check how short the average screw is that keeps your front door safe.

Imagine coming home only to find your front door smashed in and your home burglarized.

It’s unsettling and here in Bakersfield this kind of thing is gonna be on the rising.

That’s exactly what happened to Randy Oba recently.

They came in and ransacked the house.

The front door has become a favorite point of entry for many criminals.

One kick in the right place on the door will have them gaining entry into your property, it takes less than a couple seconds.

JLH Construction responds to insurance claims where homes have been broken in and repairs the damage caused by the burglars breaking in through the front door which is not a rare occurrence.

I probably average a couple a week.

And he’s not the only one.

A couple this month.

Bakersfield mobile locksmith has also seen more repairs from front door break-ins.

Both companies have seen a significant amount of homeowners investing in security devices aimed at reinforcing the front door.

JLH installed the Door Sentinel on Oba’s front door recently (or use this door reinforcement kit). The steel plate works by reinforcing the weak points of the door – the jamb set, the locking area and hinges.

Something like this just gives you a little more secure feeling.

Now this right here is a standard door that’s reinforced by the Door Sentinel and it can withstand almost any kick that a burglar can dish out.


If we can make it a lot harder for them to get in and more work and they’re going to make too much noise, they’re going to turn around and walk away.

Law enforcement says thieves are in neighborhoods, looking for the opportunity to check to see if you are not home.

What would be the best thing for you to do when you’re home alone and somebody knocks on your door?

Do you answer, do you not answer? What should you do?

Earlier this week a southwest Bakersfield woman was home alone with her infant child when thieves broke in through the front door after she pretended not to be home when they knocked.

We do want you to let people know that you are home. Realistically burglars don’t want to encounter anybody.

Now to install the Sentinel or similar door security device it’ll set you back a little more two hundred dollars.

Prevent door kick in

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